Ethical Issues (2 topics)

Ethical Issues (2 topics)

Paper details:
Write a paper, using APA format, on the both ethical topics provided (see attachment). It will be written as one paper but both topics need addressed (see example paper). This paper should be 8-10 pages not counting title, abstract, or reference pages. References used must be written in the US if articles and they also must be current.

Topic 1:    Employer required health vaccines and testing – Should employees have the right to make health care workers get vaccinations? This may include the flu vaccine, shingles, or other vaccines. Should employers have the right to require testing for hepatitis, nicotine, etc. when the employee does not get health insurance through the company?

Topic 2:  Childhood vaccinations – Should all children regardless of culture, religious affiliation or parental decision bate required vaccinations?

Instructions and my thoughts (use in conjunction with sample paper example and instructions by prof)
–    Use the ethical principles to discuss
–    I think both topics should be made to have necessary vaccines and testing.  Health of greater good trumps autonomy but both sides need discussed.  I do not however think that you should be able to require testing of those that do not get insurance through the company.  To me it is a violation of privacy