comprehensive Exam ( Research Methods )

comprehensive Exam ( Research Methods )

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Please prepare your response using Times Roman 12 point font, 1” margins, and APA format (using a title page, double space text, use in-text parenthetical citations and a reference page). Please bring a hard copy with you to the next class meeting.

Practice Research Methods Question

A local nonprofit is conducting the ABC Gang Intervention Program. Research indicates that 70% of gang members who are released from prison will re-offend (commit another crime – also known as recidivism) with two years of release. The ABC Program serves gang members who were in prison for one or more gang-related crimes. The program is intended to decrease the number of gang members who re-offend by offering job training classes, anger management classes, parenting classes and tattoo removal programs.

Develop a program evaluation to determine if the program is effectively reducing gang member recidivism by addressing the following sections:

1. State the research question
2. Identify and define the variables
Define at least one dependent and several independent variables. For each variable provide a title, categories (if applicable) operationalized definitions, and determine if the variable (as you have defined it) is nominal, ordinal, or interval-ratio.
3. Discuss the research design you would propose to use for the program evaluation
Note the strengths and weakness of the design
4. Discuss any sampling techniques you may use in the evaluation
5. What methods would you use in the evaluation
6. What are you proposed timelines for your data collection
7. Address any issues related to reliability and validity (both internal and external)
8. Address the number of people you’ll need for the evaluation process (staffing), any supplies or equipment you may need, and how much money (rough estimates) it may cost to conduct the evaluation