Casablanca the Film

Casablanca the Film

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Watch Casablanca. in at least a 5 paragraph essay (750) words: Explore one of the following questions that is of interest to you:
? What comment do you think Casablanca is making about society and/or personal choices? Do you feel that the comments are still pertinent today? Substantiate your theory with examples.
? How is Casablanca an example of a classic drama?
? Many events in this film are foreshadowed. Give some examples of this technique as used in the film.
? Identify examples of irony and discuss how irony affects the film.
? Discuss the development of characters in the film. Who are the protagonist, antagonist, foils, flat characters, round characters, and/or dynamic characters? Why has the author peopled the film with these characters in particular? How do they further the author’s goal?
? We’ve talked about the plausible and the possible and verisimilitude in class. Explain how the screenwriter has manipulated the events to create the situation where we viewers believe that Rick will “stick his neck out” for others and that Inspector Renaud will help Rick.
• You can conduct film research, but take notes. Put the information into your own words. Record the publication information for your sources in proper MLA formatting.

• Decide how you will organize the main ideas of your paper. You will need at least three major points.

• You must state your thesis at the end of your introductory paragraph. The content should use support from the film that substantiates your theory. This should be more than just a superficial treatment of the movie(s).

• You may use no more than three quotes. Your quotes can be no more than three lines long.