Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon

Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon

Assignment: you will be writing a paper that compares and contrast a major concept or archetype from Beowulf and poem “the seafarer” based on notes and discussions.

Type of paper: This is a compare and contrast paper. However, you must first come up with an essential question and DEFINE THE CONCEPT younger analyzing and then compare contrast how that concept is used effectively through characters, plot, symbols, ect. Compare/contrast means that whilemyou will mention both similarities and differences in your intro, you will focusmon EITHER similarities or differences in body of analysis.

Topics to choose from: you may choose anynof the following abstract concepts to analyze in the story—-> heroism, loyalty (fealty), alienation, the quest, monsters, longships, religion, or exile …you may bring in other archetypes and the hero cycle as it applies to your analysis.

Suggestions before start:
1. Select subject carefully and make sure you will have enough to write about.
2. Make sure subject is one you can provide specific examplesmof to illustrate your thesis /claim.
3. Brain storm topics/ ideas FIRST