Assignment of lab

Assignment of lab

In this lab you’ll explore the concept of microevolution by collecting and analyzing data from real populations. It is similar in some ways to the Mendelian Genetics lab, but instead of tracking traits at the individual/family level, you’ll be doing so at the population level.

the lab assignment document with questions for you to answer
a spreadsheet that you will use to record your data
the ‘Statistics In Introductory Biology’ reference document that you’ve used before
You will save the first two of these (the assignment document and the spreadsheet)  the third is for reference only.(stats)

Data collection.

Halifax, NS and San Juan, PR (Puerto Rico)
Winnipeg, MB and Houston, TX
Edmonton, AB and Tucson, AZ

1. Choose any one of the three pairs of cities from the list above. You will collect data from both cities in the pair.

2. To collect your data, go to www.petfinder.com.   On the FIND A PET TO ADOPT tab, enter your first city into the Location field and choose Cat from the Type menu.   Then click on Find Pets at the far right end of the tab.   Click on any of the sample photos that are presented, then use the Previous and Next buttons (just below the Find Pets button) to scroll through and view different cats. See the screencap below:

3. Choose any 20 different cats and record their names and phenotypes in Table 4 on the supplied spreadsheet: for each trait, enter either a 0 (phenotype absent) or 1 (phenotype present) in the column corresponding to each trait for each cat.   Review the ‘Examples and Tips’ section below before you begin.

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 above for the second city in your chosen pair, recording your data in Table 5 on the supplied spreadsheet.

5. When you have filled in your data tables, save it.


The assignment contains 9 questions all need to be answered with the spread sheet.